3 favorite quotes

I’m going to give you 3 of my favorite quotes, and only one of them is from a comic book. I’m as surprised as you.

“Every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile.”

-Judge Tom C. Clark

“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.”

- Walt Whitman

“They made a fool of me, Balder. They laughed at me. Everybody laughs at Skurge. Hela, Mordonna, even the Enchantress I love. They all laugh at me. Except You, Balder is too kind to laugh at Skurge. But when they laugh, I hurt inside. Maybe even I die a little. Now I think I am dead already. “

- Skurge, in Thor 362, as he decides to make his stand at Gjallerbru.



BST Hosts Utica in second annual YOU CAN PLAY day this sunday 1pm

Look at it this way, what are you doing this sunday that’s more important than supporting a great cause?

You Can…. join the hockey bloggerati and the LGBT community in Bridgeport as your RED HOT (12 of last 14!) Bridgeport SoundTigers host the Utica Comets this Sunday (1PM Puckdrop) for the second annual YOU CAN PLAY night (or afternoon in this case).

Here’s the YCP website if you are somehow familiar with me and my blogging adventures but not with them(?): http://youcanplayproject.org/ 

Festivities will kick off at noon with a q&a panel. Be there.

You can watch future Islanders before they learn to get injured and blow 3rd period leads!

You can watch future Vancouver Canucks learn how to dive… that’s a RIOT!

You can support a great cause. And you should.

Because… If You Can Play, You Can Play!

Support YCP and LET’S GO TIGERS!






Reflections on a race well run


“Act like you’ve been there before.” Can’t. Haven’t been there before. This is all new to me. So, while they are still fresh, here’s some things I took from this whole process.


1. Training! The most important part of the training isn’t the mileage. It’s the stamina. It’s having the wind to push through. The mileage is almost irrelevant.

2. Mileage! Almost. But not quite. When you’re out there for 13.1 and you are feeling it through mile 8, you just lock in ‘I’ve got this’ mode and that’s when disaster strikes. Suddenly. Painfully. At almost exactly 10.66 miles, a mere 2.5 miles from paydirt, it felt like a sniper blew off my left calf. Pop. And then complete lock up mid stride.

3. Hydrate. Hydration is more than a ‘day of’ concern. I learned this is more a week of or month of thing. Be hydrated to the gills. You will need it.

4. Do the due diligence on the course. This is something I pride myself on but woefully fucked up this time. Know the water tables and rest rooms. Know the hills. Know that bush you can piss in between rest areas.

5. Set a goal. A realistic goal! 3:00 flat was my goal. It kept me focused during the good times and the bad.

6. Calculate the pace you need for that goal. Unlike me, calculate it correctly. I came out guns blazing because I thought I needed to flat 13:00 every mile to get there because I can’t do math. It helped, because I banked time for the midrace wall and inevitable last 2 mile struggle, but how much of that was exacerbated by picking em up and putting em down with everything I had for the first 7 miles?

7. Have fun with it. The whole time, a guy I ended up trading places with the whole race was asking me ‘when does this start being fun?’  And every time he’d ask, I’d push my answer back a mile to implore him (and myself on). Then around mile 11, he said ‘under 3 flat right?’ and I nodded. Off we went. It WAS fun.

8. Get by… with a little help from your friends. Have a posse. Have people there who want to see you through. Believing in yourself is a lot easier when others share that belief. Let them know what you need.

9. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM YOUR NORMAL PRE-RUN ROUTINE BECAUSE IT’S A ‘BIG’ RACE.  Have your normal pre run meal. Wear your normal running clothes. TAKE YOUR FREAKIN MEDICINE. I left my allergy medicine at home because I am a catastrophic moron.

10. Leave nothing back for tomorrow.  You are a weekend warrior. I get it. You have a 9 to 5er to punch in for some hours after the race. Cool. That’s the day to day. The race, the pursuit of self, the seduction of punctuating that impossible dream and shouting down the drone of ‘you can’t’ with a defiant ‘I HAVE!’ demands nothing less than everything you’ve got. It’s your goal. A Half Marathon doesn’t get undertaken lightly. Treat it accordingly with the respect and effort it deserves. Pace yourself, sure, but there will come a moment when it’s time to pedal down and go for it. You will be afforded the chance to seize it. Do so. Apologize for tomorrow when it’s time comes and regret nothing. Pride lasts forever. Pain lasts but a few hours.

Lastly, to ensure that pain lasts only but a few hours? Immediately after the race, hydrate, eat, rest, medicate, ice, heat, treat every injury quickly. Stretch once you warm down. It’ll help. You will feel like death afterward. That’s fine. You just did something borderline superhuman. There’s a price for glory. Now, tend to yourself so you can go get the next one. And there will be a next one.

Then, reflect on the lessons.  Some concerns like illness and weather are out of your sphere of influence, but will impact your race. Just let them be like water off the back of a duck. Do you. And give her everything you’ve got.


the week in sportsball: once you go gay…

Big week in the world of sports ball.


Michael Sam said it best at the combine: “ I don’t want to be a trailblazer. I want to be Michael Sam.”  And then Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock delivered a sermon from mount truth: “This is no longer an issue. Get it out of your system and let this kid play football.” “He should be moved UP the board for the way he handled this.” “Any organization that red flags him should be ashamed.”


Spot on analysis and poised delivery from Sam. Hope a team that plans to properly utilize him drafts him (and not the goddamn Jets).


Some quick Olympic observations: USA Men’s hockey turned in an embarrassing medal round. The Women gave it everything they had and had NOTHING to be ashamed of. GREAT effort. Glad US dominated the medal count (other than Russia). Great display of class out of the Russians turning off the scoreboard every time their hockey team lost.   By the way: the run away stars of the Olympics were the duo of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Amazing.


The Dolphins bullying scandal has claimed it’s last pounds of flesh (barring hammer falling on Pouncey). Thank god. Clean that mess up and restore some respect to our broken house.

The Braves locked up Simmons, the Best SS in baseball, Craig Kimbrel, the games best closer, MVP candidate Freddie Freeman and Julio Teheran long term. 2 year deal to oft injured Heyward too. Good if mostly quiet offseason, other than the new stadium bombshell, which enabled the spending spree we just discussed. Now go get it!

Islanders will limp to the finish without JT (who got a well deserved gold medal), Frans Nielsen for the time being, and A-Mac and Vanek who will soon be traded.  Oh well. Time to load up and have the best offseason since I became a fan. That’s the expectation.


By the way, Jason Collins is about to take the court and become the first openly gay male athlete in the big 4 US Sports. NBD right? Of course it’s the Brooklyn team breaking down barriers. Somewhere, Jackie Robinson is smiling.


Anyway, SHIELD vs WYATTS then Elimination Chamber with Nets game on the small screen. NHL Olympic trade freeze lifts in 3 hours. Expect action. I’m out. Catch ya later.   

The journey takes another step. 13.1 miles worth.

My thoughts are a blur.

There’s a funny thing about running a race. You are up before the sun and done before lunch. As I was driving home, I was reflecting on my race. There were things I need to improve. There were things that went great!

I’m so happy with my result. Firstly, thanks Kathy and Bonnie for pit crewing and getting me threw the race. Also thank Dog for tremendous weather. Well done, Yogi. Way to call in a favor with the big pooch upstairs.

Felt good waking up. Pounded a cliff bar and got some raisins. Got out there, warmed up like shit like I always do.


Any time they say ‘this race will positively start on time’… that’s a lie. Once we got rolling because I cant do math? I came out flying. I thought I needed a sub 13m average mile to get under my 3 hour target. I, in short, am an idiot. 12:47, 12:43, 12:56, 12:43, 13:01, 13:24, 12:45. Then the struggle became very real.  13:37. Damage control with 13:20. Then I laid a turd for mile on 11, at 13:48 and almost the same mile at 13:49. Mile 12 was death by the way, at 14:48.

 There were several takeaways! DON’T HAVE A TEN MILE RACE 5 weeks before a half. Space it more, train harder in between.  But that training would’ve been aided by not re-tearing my plantar fasciitis and ya know, the flu, but I survived. I need to hydrate better. I need to keep my sugar up.

8 months ago I began this odyssey to get in better shape for softball and hockey. I began it with one of the worst recorded 5ks in the history of man. 8 months later? My race distance is 10 miles longer and my average mile is 2 minutes quicker. Believe in yourself. Through some hard work, and sage wisdom from experienced friends, anything is possible.


now to recover, reflect and learn. Then i improve.

Additionally, I joined planet fitness and have been really enjoying kicking my own ass. I’ve also begun core training with the Karl Gotch bible. Expect a post on Gotch Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks for reading.  

One more hill to climb: Why I Run

If I could sum up my outlook on a great many things with a quote, it would be from a great man. A king even. Well, he was a King. But not a great man. More like a Great robot. A Great Robot Dinosaur King.

“Me Grimlock Love challenge!” – King Grimlock

The fun thing about running, is as the mysterious Cabo Blanco said, “running should be free”. Just toss on a comfortable pair of kicks and Go.

And Go. And Go. 

Despite training plans, despite routines, you can just go. But why? What motivates one to go out when it’s ridiculous temperatures?

Well, I need to be hunting. Or hunted. I started this quest to get better at softball and hockey. Now I sparingly play hockey. It is making me more dangerous at softball, but I run to run now. I run to outrun the ghost of who I let myself become and chase the ghost of who I want to be. 


And this is where it got me: I completed 7 races and an obstacle course in 2013.  I saw myself survive a 10K to wrap up my *SERIOUS* race schedule last year and did a hard 5k on NYE to enjoy myself. That enjoyment turned in to taking a shot at a sub 40 min 5k. Missed that mark because my biggest issues is pacing. One of my two running swamis constantly cautions me against spending all my ammo in the first few minutes, but I get geeked and it goes out the window, Vinny gonna Vinny. I’m not the best strategic thinker.

All was not lost though. I did clock my fastest mile ever! 11:56. I’m gunning for a 10 minute mile one day.

I’m going to DNF a race one day, probably, right? I’m going to tear something and go down like I’ve been shot. I’m going to finish last one day when I bite off more than I can hack.

I haven’t yet. And that, which I would define as failure, could happen one day.

I’m certainly closer to last than I am first. But I finish. FINISH IT.

Pull it up by the bootstraps and find a way. Find a way to persevere.

Perserverence can be aided by people that believe in you. I’ve got a great community of runnerhockeyblogger twitter people that support each other. Even my IRL friends who know me have given up mocking my running and assuming I’d give it up like so many fads I’ve tried before. I’ve got this bug. I’m competing against myself and it’s a game i want to win. To win, I must chase down who I want to be and outrun who I became. To do that, I must persevere.

That’s what I had to do this weekend. I was rolling through mile 3. Miles 4-6 sucked and were agony. But miles 8-10 were joy. Why? Because when I hit Mile marker 8? I knew god himself wasn’t stopping me from hitting that finish line. And I got rolling again.

Willpower is an amazing fuel supply. But I’m not powered by willpower most of the time. I’m powered by a force I marshal better than any human being on the planet.


Everyone that ever told me I can’t. Every one. Every voice. Especially the one in my own head. There’s NO BETTER satisfaction than shutting up self doubt. Believe in yourself.

My fat ass just bagged two laps of the most famous park in the world. My first 10 mile race felt amazing. Next month I notch my first half marathon.

That’s been the goal I’ve been building to since I got serious.

And then Self Doubt can go curl up in a ball and die.

I’m fleeing my past, chasing my future.

I run because I’m a runner.

I run because I enjoy doing what I’m told I can’t.

I run because I believe in myself. I run for the people that believe in me, and because I love proving my haters wrong.


Take it away, Warrior poet Papoose.



Enjoy that one,


Until next time, folks. Be good.

Keep running.









the year that was and the year that will be

So much happened this year.

So much.

2012 was a terrible year for me, and 2013 was so much better.

2012 felt like a never ending winter of heartache.

2013 saw many things. I basically bottomed out from where I was in 2012.

In 2012 I had begun playing hockey again, but with the physical limitations I had experienced from being out of shape imparing me, it was very frustrating.

In early 2013, I suffered a tear of a muscle in my back sitting in a chair. That was the moment I literally could go no lower from. There was self realization, and sadness. And anger.

And then a magical thing happened. I began to fight back against the apathy that had lead me to my current state. I began to ride my bike regularly. I began to run regularly. These activities were undertaken originally to get me in shape for softball.

Biking is very seasonal, but you can run in just about any weather. To date, I’ve postponed a grandtotal of one run due to weather, and that was just a deluge.

I got more serious about my running, but not SERIOUS! as SERIOUS! is against my nature.

I suck at this, but I’m getting better. I successfully undertook 4 5k (3.1mile) races, a 5miler, and a 10K. I also had a 5k funrun obstacle course and end the year with a 5k tonight.

Yay. In two weeks, I transition to serious distance, with my fiorst ten miler.

Softball wise, it was my first season in several years. And it went very well. We came within 1 run of playing for a championship and I finished at around .450 at the plate and led the team in walks.

Additionally, we got to do some cool things done that I’d never thought I’d be a part of in sport. We won a playoff game which was wrought with drama and plays by unlikely heroes. We nailed a triple play. I partook in two double plays from the mound (One unassisted!). And I had a three pitch inning, which is an accomplishment I can match, but never actually exceed. That was pretty damn awesome.

I have few running goals in 2014, but these are general fitness /activity goals.

  • Build Core Strength.
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish my first two half marathons, time be damned.
  • Resume biking once the weather permits.
  • Add arm strength.
  • Improve my skating (especially backwards)
  • Manage to hop over the boards without looking like an idiot.
  • Get in shape enough to reasonably tackle a Tough Mudder
  • Attain softball batting line of .500/10 XB hits/20 Walks
  • And oh yeah: Win A Championship. We were close last year. Close dont cut it this year.

Additionally, I’d like to build on my control while pitching. I think about that all the time. I hope to find a better mental focus point on the mound and use that to relax my arm. I pitched my ass off down the stretch, and part of that was due to better mental preperation.

I said earlier I don’t take anything seriously. That’s a lie. I take softball very seriously. Probably because I get to do it with my friends, and friendship is absurdly important to me. I’m weird. I digress.

Anyhow, the highlight of the year was turningt on the jets and nailing it on the day after I turned 30 for that 5 miler. I felt amazing. I didn’t feel as amazing during the six miler the next month, because as mentioned earlier, I am a frame of mind person. I’m pretty neurotic. Everything went warm in warm ups and snow balled throughout the race, and the downward spiral took a lot of my mental focus and wind from my sais.. I just was never IN IT until the end when it was gutcheck to the finish time. Bad races happen, but it was very important to me to finish. And I did. Onward and upward.

I’m working on remedying my back situation. I’ve begun seeing a chiropractor and Am getting my first adjustment on the 7th. New bed has helped a lot too.

Last thing I need to do in 2014 is finish my thesis. Sigh.

The Beat Goes On…

Otherwise, I’m tremendously pleased with what I’ve done this year and more excited for next year. How about you? favorite highlight of your year?