Hockey Crowd Etiquette


Hey you, screaming at the fan next to you for cheering too loudly.

Shut up. You’re not the fucking mayor, asshole. The guys next to you paid for seats too. If they want to cheer, they can. If they want to tell the other team they suck, they can.

You paid for a ticket. You have a reasonable expectation to watch the game from your seat without someone infringing on your space or viewing experience.

Its not a playground. If you’re worried about someone chanting ‘sucks’, take your fucking yuppie spawn to a library.

People will chant and cheer and rave and scream. Welcome to the show.

The line is drawn at obscene vulgarity, physical provocation or insulting other fans.

I do believe if you rep your colors on the road, you need to be ready to hear “WHATEVER JERSEY YOUR WEARING SUCKS” certainly. But lobbing a beer? Catching an elbow? Unacceptable.

It’s a sport. You aren’t an athlete. You get into a fight you should go to jail.

Another thing: You yell anything out during either anthem other than the words, the guards should throw you out on your ass.


Comic books (Teen Titans, Flash and Aquaman were good this week) as was wrestling. I’m entertained.

What I’m not entertained by? Being 5 games out at the allstar break!

Fucking Wang.

My interview with Ted Starkey goes up tomo on PuckBuddys. Interview with Adam Proteau will follow thereafter. Working on collaborations with InTheFade, Ally of Hey Y’all Hockey and Yotes Gurl. I’m stoked. Lots on tap.

Keep reading, lets go Islanders and FUCK YOU CHARLES WANG.

Royal Rumble time, bitches. IM OUT.


One response to “Hockey Crowd Etiquette

  1. My Hockey Crowd Etiquette:

    IF you are a new fan, hello! I will say hello to you and probably engage you in conversation to see why/how you are. Mostly because I’m nose-y but also to see if you need any help in understanding the game (GF & I met a lady from Australia who was in Nashville for work and decided to go to a Preds game to get drunk and figure out hockey. By the end of the night, she had one of those under her belt).

    HOWEVER, if you do all this and sit and complain in my beautiful Newark Arena about how crappy the Devils must be and how much more exciting the Nets are — I WILL JUDGE AND SILENTLY HATE YOU and hope that the three kids you brought with you all become giant hockey fans just to piss you off when they grow up.

    Other Hockey Crowd Etiquette: the arenas. Yes, Newark is a scary place for some people who aren’t used to ACTUAL CITIES – but it’s not where you are for Devils games when most of the police presence is in and around the Arena during a hockey game, so please, no jokes about “I hope the tires don’t get stolen off my car, ha ha ha” because you a giant douchebag probably from Brooklyn (sorry Vinny, but I’m pretty sure that’s where those yuppie assholes were from).

    Also, don’t talk shit about how few people are sitting in the “good” seats – those things are as expensive as fuck – because MSG doesn’t get “sold out” by regular fans every night, don’t bullshit yourselves, Rangers fans. And yes, the one time I went to an Islanders game, I was able to park in the front row of the parking lot. But, I knew enough not to talk shit about it (if anything that was awesome as fuck).

    /gets off my own soapbox.
    //stumbles and falls

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