O/T: Gay Rights v. Religion on the 2012 Campaign Trail

What your “prophet” has wrought in your name:


Hi God.

I know we don’t speak much, me being a catholic queer, then lapsed catholic, and now pretty much devoid of any faith. I guess I think you exist, or I wouldn’t bother writing.

Anyway, I’m writing you because I’m confused about something.

When I was in Catholic school, there were the Beatitudes, right? Lotsa love. No mention of the word hate.

And now, your self-appointed defenders spew unfiltered hate. A Rick Santorum campaign co-chair just said “Homosexuals make god throw up.”

Firstly, I don’t think God throws up.  Secondly, God never, NEVER looks down on his subjects with disdain.

Rick Santorum is the worst kind of hateful filth. So is Michelle Bachman, whose ‘believers’ are bullying gay kids in her district into suicide.

Didn’t you all read X-men? God Loves, man kills.

God doesn’t want death in his name.  ever.  He’s a loving God. That’s like second grade catholic school stuff.

Do your bible study, bible thumpers.

One thing that bothers me is “You can’t call them intolerant if you are intolerant of their viewpoint.”


Pardon me, that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. You can’t want tolerance is you express disdain for the intolerant?

So, Black People should’ve embraced the KKK? That’s beyond dumb.

People such as Fred Phelps or Focus on the Family have squandered my normal compassionate nature by unfurling salvo after salvo of hatred towards the gay community, of which I am a part.
The notion that the biggots need to be allowed to spew their biggotry towards children is revolting. Utterly revolting. If we cannot protect our children, ALL OF THEM (regardless of race, creed or orientation) we are worthless as a people.

There’s no need to tolerate the viewpoints of the intolerant. Particularly when they would seek to essentially whitewash gays from existence.

God didn’t want any of his creations unmade, by the way.

Because God, unlike the Man that invokes his name, doesn’t make mistakes.


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