Game Recap: Sabres 4 Isles 3 F/Shootout

Sorry, this will be brief.

Watching Alaskan State Troopers. Its fucking hilarious.

Bad turnover by Weber to Grabner who has become something of a Sabre killer. To Nielsen, Bang, 1-0.

Isles give it right back as somebody passes to Hamonic who was half way on the bench.

No matter, Bailey buries one shorthanded. Sort of. They officially say it’s EVSG, but Nino got his +1 in the Penalty Box.

Nielsen again. 3-1 Good guys after 20.

Kaleta challenges Martin and that was unwise.

otherwise uneventful 20 until Sabres score in final minute.

Again, Isles check out in dying seconds of a period.

3-2 after 2.

And then it went to shit.

Hamonic took a puck to the face. Bleeding way way too much. Scary. Appears to be the nose. Can’t be certain, but looks to be shattered. Hope to Dog thats all it is.

Back to Back Nights, 5 Dmen, we let Stafford walk in and roast Al.

3 up.

Last 5 minutes of regulation and all of OT, Isles Carry play. Ryan Miller slams the door.

Hockey ends 3 a side.

Sabres take the skills comp after Miller snuffs the danish backhand!

My Stars: Nielsen (NYI), Miller (BUF).

Gerbe is a tough skilled little bastard. Wants every call, works officials. Nino laughed at him. Funny exchange.

Pat Kaleta is a cheapshotting walking buttplug. I hate him.

Politics score: Santorum, lol.

Who thinks Rick Santorum is in this besides Rick Santorum? He’s deader than the dodo.

Romneycare vs Obamacare is coming. It’s inevitable.

Last question: Why would any Sabre fan still wear the slug? WHHYYYYYY

Im out.

Later skaters.

Beat the Flyers Tuesday and reach .500, please?

I leave you bwith adorable baby Frans Niewlsen.





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