The origanizational state of the New York Islanders post deadline.

We’ve learned some things this week.

Garth Snow BELIEVES he can re-sign Pierre Alexander “PAy Me” Parenteau and Evgeni Nabokov. 

Truth be told, unless Nabby wanted to move, as he holds an NMC, he wasn’t going anywhere. I do believe at least 1 will be back. 2 would be very good.

The other development has been the emergence of Josh Bailey on the wing. This is a move he’s shown comfort with in the past, as it lessens his responsibilities and allows him to show his offensive creativity. Why the New York Islanders took so long to get him back there is indicative of why they are… The New York Islanders.

Anyhow the development of Bailey as a top nine Winger gives you flexibility that we desperately needed.




Martin-Cizikas-LEGIT PAIN IN THE ASS. Please.

That’s the thing. We need to address the toughness issue up front.We determined in the offseason it wasn’t a priority. We have skill players. We have a few defensively sound forwards. Other than Matt Martin, WE HAVE NO FORWARD CONSISTANTLY ABLE TO PUNISH THE OPPOSITION ON THE FORECHECK. We have no guy willing to take the body. As we know, Im something of a Garth Snow apologist. I can’t blame the GM when his payroll is HALF the league mandated salary floor.

Vinny was wrong revelation 1: WE NEED AN ASSHOLE. Martin has an edge, but he’s on an island in that regard. He needs a tag partner.

The reality is plumbers we acquired such as Jay Pandolfo (who has my undying respect along with ageless wonder defensemen Steve Staios for still selling out to block shots this late in a lost season at their advanced age) are a dime  dozen, brick layers are a rare breed. We need brick layers. We need an asshole. Raffi Torres. Pat Kaleta. Steve Ott. A guy the other team hates with a passion. We don’t have that guy. Get that guy. they are usually cheap.

Secondly, I was wrong about Mark Streit. The defense corps, aside from Travis Hamonic and Andrew MacDonald, is an utter mess. Mark Eaton should be brought back as the 6th, Reese as the 7th. A child from the farm (DeHaan, Ness, or Donovan) will arrive to the show and be paired with the steady but unspectacular Eaton. Mark Streit is no better than the 4th Defenseman at this point. That’s reality. He needs a BETTER PARTNER THAN HE to excel, and it’s time to get a young impact player on the blueline through either trade or FA signing.

Vinny was wrong revelation #2: Mark Streit is a TERRIBLE captain.

I thought he’d be a good veteran leader by example.

Unfortunately, when you have an invisible man in a suit as GM and a puppet as coach. you need a strong firebrand with that ‘C’.

You have a softspoken coach. You have a silent brooding GM. You have a mouse for a Captain. YOU NEED A LION.

You need a younger Brendan Witt. This needs to be done.


If we give a damn… which I’m not entirely sure Isles management does.



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