Today’s game was ‘great’, last February a ‘Travesty’?

In response to last February 11th:

“Not blaming Islanders for revenging DP… but Matt Martin sucker-punching Max Talbot reminds me of Bertuzzi-Moore a bit… Yikes”

-Pierre LeBrun

“Gillies, Haley, Martin – where do the Islanders dig up these thugs? Not one of them could score 10 goals in a full ECHL season.”

-Damien Cox

“One of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Sucks that the #Pens were part of this abortion of a hockey game. #Isles are embarrassing.”


“Not tying down a jersey is a game misconduct in #NHL, but outright assault often is not. Awesome.”

– Dejan Kovacevic

Lets take that from the bottom to the top, in response to todays mekee.

“Awesome. #NHL still hasn’t produced official scoresheet because of all the fights in final minute.”

-Dejan Kovacevic

“Someone needs to punch out Laviolette. Flyers are mad we threw our 4th line for the last minute of a 6-3 game?! Clean hit by Vitale.”


“Why yes, I DID just make playoff hotel reservations in Pittsburgh and Philly.”

-Bruce Arthur

And from the Tribune review that killed the Isles:

(after the game ending melee) “PensFlyers is going to be insane…the subplots are thick, and the hockey is extremely entertaining.”

– Josh Yohe

Still waiting on Cox and LeBrun to weigh in, but universally, the reaction has been that of praise for this game today while the Islanders were universally crapped on. That’s garbage journalism. Absolutely cheap with no sliver of journalistic integrity ,and I’ll tell you why.

It’s the easy narrative, done with no homework.

The Penguins Flyers game got out of hand today because it was a one sided asskicking. The Islanders Penguins game got out of hand because it was retaliation for no less than 4 significant injuries caused to Isles by Penguins within one calender year.

The fact that’s overlooked is not surprising, but the simple reality is this: The Flyers get their ‘respect’ and the Pens showed their ‘moxxie’ but the isles were ‘classless’ solely because of where they sit in the standings.

When a first place or playoff team does it, it’s “wonderful” (see Bruins Habs the same week as Isles Pens), when a down trodden franchise does it, that’s a “circus” or “embarrassment to the game”.

The common denominator in both games was the Pittsburgh Penguins (And Max Talbot, who is the equivalent of a almost useful Sean Avery), and that’s not an accident. They have a number of players who are willing to go for ‘cheap’ plays and one or two who have no problem going flat-out ‘dirty’. When that’s what you set forth as how things are going to go, sooner or later teams tire of your antics.

Today, the Penguins initiated this fracas. Last time, their flat-out disregard for safety of their peers led to it over the accumulation of hostility over 8 meetings between the Isles and Pens before it finally exploded. This time it got nasty much quicker.

One last thing on this:

Where is Mario’s ‘shame’ letter to the league now? His embarrassment? His regret to be part of a garbage league?

Once again, Mario Lemieux, patron saint of hypocrites.


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