Dont call it a comeback.

It’s been roughly a decade since I played hockey regularly. I’ve missed it dearly. At the urging of a good friend, I’ve decided to go all in. Truth be told, there are several reasons this is the right decision. Other than the initial outlay in gear (which face it, 300 hundred bucks is a mountain when you’re a kid, when you’re an adult it’s a pair of parking tickets), 40 bucks a week for ice time / instruction is a bargain, considering it’s 20 bucks a week for bar league softball.

There’s a few things I miss about playing hockey. The hitting, mostly. The camaraderie. The one-upsmanship. The fact I was pretty fucking dirty. 

  Last year, I had the joy to lace em up with a dear friend who since left us to return to his native Buffalo. But that reminder had me smiling (and sore for days).

The sub reminders was that my skating was still awful but my hands, well… filthy mittens can still do work. 

Got stoned more than a few times by a goaltender who could be on the Brooklyn Aviators roster right now if he wanted, but I still had a few dangles in the bag of tricks. Crazy Euro Dangles.

The hands will improve more still. The skating is going to get better, especially when I badger another one of my friends to help me with transitions and power skating. She’s gonna kill me.

Nonetheless, I’m back playing hockey, and look to lace em up Next Monday.

Going for a little cardio between now and then so I dont blow up after one line rush. Probably gonna sneak by Aviator for a skate.

I missed a lot of things about hockey.

Most of all I missed the rush that it provides like no other sport.

Keep you posted on how the quest back to game-shape goes.



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