“failure to control players”

Here’s a handy dandy point of reference:

PHI 9 Suspensions, 4 Fines

PIT 8 Suspensions, 4 Fines

NYI – 8 Suspensions, 2 Fines

WAS – 6 Suspension, 1 Fines 

VAN – 6 Suspension, 4 Fines

NYR – 3 Suspension, 6 Fines

Of this sampling of teams fines and suspensions over the last 3 years, exactly 1 team has been fined for failing to control their players. The New York Islanders. Meanwhile teams have more or nearly as many infractions with league discipline, and receive no such fine.

What is so hard about a uniform standard? A teams 3rd player suspension results in a 100K fine with the sum being given to Hockey Fights Cancer. A teams 3rd fine results in a 50K donation.

Why is this standard not clearcut?

Why is it still nebulous?

Because the NHL wants it that way. Look at that list. There’s 5 perennially good teams on it, and the Islanders. Guess which one got the hammer?

HINT: Not the ones that make the league cash money, homie.

Streamline the process, have guidelines. Hammer teams until they clean it up.

How many fines or suspensions did the Isles have this season after being hammered?

1, Tavares. For slashing Letang. Who he should slash again.

Consistency and accountability. Try it, NHL.




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