The VinDex: My list of teams I cheer for and wish to see destroyed.

Isn’t that title catchy? I think so. Anyhow, there are teams I follow, and loathe. I got this together at the urging of Kit_Myster, who bombarded me with the roughly 40 teams she roots for. 40. My eyes bled, my soul hurt. Here’s my handy dandy list.


  1. The New York Islanders
  2. The Miami Dolphins – with these top 2, is there any question why my sportsfan life is COMPLETELY miserable?
  3. Atlanta Braves – restorers of my faith in sport and fleeting sanity.
  4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Cheer, Cheer.
  5. Florida Panthers – Love the Cats and their Rats.
  6. Baltimore Orioles
  7. Team USA – Always. America.
  8. Bridgeport Soundtigers – Isles top farmteam.
  9. Barrie Colts – Everybody needs a Junior hockey team.
  10.  Cincinnati Bengals / Chicago Bears / Oakland Raiders / Houston Texans – lesser NFL roots

And Team Anti-Vinny, a ten pack of things I hate:

  • 10.   The Roman Catholic Church – That’s gonna get me some hatemail, but that’s what they get for gaybashing and basically supporting AIDs in Africa.
  • 9. New York Yankees – What I hate but secretly wish all of my teams were
  • 8. Pittsburgh Steelers- Classless organization parading around like they don’t proudly defend a 3x rapist.
  • 7. New York Mets – Everytime I try not to hate them, their fans have the gumption to act condescending to their rightful master, the Atlanta Braves.
  • 6.  Philadelphia Flyers – a vile den of scum and villainy
  • 5. Boston (All Teams) – Pats, Sox, Bruins. ICK.
  • 4.  Philadelphia Phillies – I detest this team, so very much.
  • 3.  New York Jets – That asshole Fireman. Their asshole coach, douchebag fans…
  • 2. Pittsburgh Penguins – The League’s favorite sons, my ancient enemy.
  • 1. New York Rangers – Du Hast.

Commence hatemail.


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