The Anatomy of a Fluke Goal

NP: Rancid – The Last One To Die

Everybody wants their first goal to be one for the books, ya know? Roaring down the off wing and firing a one timer glove side popping the water bottle. That was my vision, anyway. The reality of the first I potted wasn’t anywhere near as cinematic.  I corralled a loose puck the goalie kicked out along the goalline, yelled “slot!” whirled to pass it there, and shanked it… the goalie had committed to my intended pass and thus was off the post, it trickled off his pad and in. He was pissed, I was confused and then euphoric.

Other highlights including a lot of banter on the bench, where I yelled “kick it to the trailer at the point!” to which one of our guys muttered “they have no idea what that means.”  We had a backup goalie in on the backhalf of the game and while I don’t begrudge the kid at all, he’s clearly still learning (like me) or rusty (also like me), but I sold out to block a few shots and passes as best I could… only to have them trickle off me and into the net or to another guy for a tap in.

I did manage to neutralize the best player on the ice during a one on one rush, which honestly made me happier than the goal. Defense first.

In the lockerroom, lamenting the ugliness of my goal, one of the boys chimed in “they all look great in the statbook.” Touche.

The best view I had of a goal from the pine belonged to Kathy. There was a pile up in front and she pinced down from the D and put a seeing eye puck over a defenders stick and through the goalie. Pure goalscorers goal. Don’t tell her I said that though.

Fuck, I’m sore today.

I think after yesterday, my +/- is shit and I now know what Milan Jurcina feels like, but I’ll take 1 G 2 A in 4 games. Pretty sure I’m having a better season than Marty Reasoner already.

A brief game by game for the previous weeks for those asking:

First night, I sucked so mightily. Winded, awful. Had a HELL OF AN ASSIST though. Regrettable performance but I was just glad to be there.

The next week, my skating and stamina were a tad better, but I was absolutely lost in the drills before the game. Sigh. Got a cheap assist on the game winner though.

Last week was my best performance, even though the stat sheet showed nothing. Felt great, won puck battles, even made a few nifty passes.

This week, happy with where I chipped in on offense, but unhappy with a few exceptions (had 3 takeaways) in my Dzone play, way  too much chicken without a head.

That’s it til next week. I will see you then… or I will see you another time.


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