How to fix the frugality and futility of the New York Islanders

Per Botta, The Isles know DP is now the clear-cut number 3 option behind Nabakov, and the emerging Poulin/Nilsson (the other will own the Ace job at the Bridge).

Additionally, The Islanders will not buy him out. WHY? That would be logical. Therefore it wont happen. The annual buyout hit would be 1.25 Million.

I love Rick DiPietro. He is an Islander to his core. He is in many ways an embodiment of the new hope given to us when Wang and Kumar bought the team in 2001 and the team sprinted out to an unbeaten in regulation start of 14 games. He is the last tangible vestige remaining of the 2007 team that charged into the playoffs on the last day of the regular season, gleefully eliminating the Leafs and Habs to take the last spot in as dramatic a finish as possible. He represented that new hope, but that new hope is now dead.

Rick DiPietro continuing to trot himself out there is doing a disservice to his long term health, his teammates and the fans that supported him as long as it was feasible. It is no longer feasible. For his quality of life, for is team, and for those of us forever in his corner, it is time for Rick to hang up the skates.

Rick DiPietro has managed to be well enough to play in exactly 37 of his teams last 328 games. Thats like 11% of the games for 10% of the teams caphit. Twitter’s ace Mathematician hockey  Blogger @DownGoesSpezza would explain the math is not prudent on this. 


Well, it’s not prudent in terms of winning hockey games. But that result since 2007 has failed to be a priority.

The priority is to keep the payroll down. Hence the student radio partnership with Hofstra, the smallest scouting department in the NHL (exactly 1 of which will be brought to the NHL Combine!), Over 35+ Incentive laden deals with a caphit egregiously higher than the payout and inflated ELCs galore. HC promoted internally rather than one who would come with NHL Experience (and a higher salary) from without. All internal criticism that might generate momentum that would require any accountability is forcibly silenced. Staff is laid off and positions unfilled as Garth is forced to assume more roles than one can count. This is a penny pinching operation.

The end date is 2015, this is about spending as little money as possible until then.

The Teams roster, with 5 glaring holes, sits at 38 million dollars. The projected cap, assuming the current CBA is more or less the template for the new one, would be 70 million next year. That would mean the capfloor is 57 million dollars, roughly.

Oh boy oh boy. Time to do some shopping!

The key here is to remember this is Wang’s Land of Scum, so all upgrades will be sought on the cheap.

First, lock up PA Parenteau. STAT. 16 mil over 4 years. Done, go to dinner.

The next offensive need is a second line center. You Give Jochen Hecht a 2 year deal assuming he’s finally healthy to plug a spot. 2 years, 5.5mil.Id toss a David Jones caliber player 2 years, 4 million.

That leaves you with almost 10 million to play with and this as your top 9:




Matin(Who will be resigned for like 1m per, he is RFA) anchors 4th unit.

On Defense, you have your three stalwarts: Streit, Hamonic and MacDonald. I get that we are cheap, so one spot will be a kid called up on an ELC, most likely Matt Donovan. He needs a steady veteran. You re-sign Eaton at 3m per for 2 years and then get Nick Schultz to pair with Streit at 4m per. 

You then tack extensions on to Hammer and Mac and hit the cap floor with, and this team is in a great state on ice for the first time in a while, with no ‘risky’ moves. Tack in a good draft pick and this team can finally turn a corner, assuming Wang doesnt try and cheat the capfloor with anymore Rolston class shenanigans.But since It’s Wang, we’ll resign Martinek and call it a day. Fuck my life.


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