Breaking: Trade Winds sweep across Isles

Toss out your mock draft.

The New York  Islanders will not be selecting 4th later this month. Three conversations with sources close to the team (two officially on the NYI payroll, high up the food chain) and one who isnt officially with the team but interacts with them on the highest levels on a weekly if not daily basis have all pointed in the same direction. The initial conversation 3 weeks ago told me “a flashy move will be made to sell tickets. It has to be done.”

Vague as all hell, but it got the ball rolling.

Late late week a second source went on record as having a direct contact with a member of hockey ops saying the first round selection would be traded for a potential prominent player.

Still vague, but a third source confirmed to me today the vibe in the building is “they dont want another kid to help in 2 or 3 years, the pick will be dealt for a player to help win NOW.” Emphasis his.

Taking the sum of these sources at face value, Im going on the record:


The New York Islanders will deal the 4th Overall pick.


5 responses to “Breaking: Trade Winds sweep across Isles

  1. I agree that the Isles will trade the fourth pick but i doubt that they will trade the 4 overall pick for an established player. I also agree that there is a big move on the horizon.
    I think they will try to swap their pick in a package deal with the Oilers for the first round pick Nail Yakupov who is a right winger ready to play in the NHL. Parenteau (right winger) will not be signed before july first. He said on TSN-RDS last week, that both sides are “far apart” from a deal. If Parenteau is not signed before the draft, the Isles will need another skilled right winger for the 2012-2013 season…

    Also, the Isle showed some interest in the UFA, left winger Alexander Semin. It could be very interesting to see Semin on a
    line with a guy like Yakupov in a near futur, who knows…


  2. Speaking of overrated opinions… here is my own…

    Way too early. No way Garth is going to trade without finishing assessment/interviews of all the prospects. This said… anything possible. But at this juncture, I see them sticking to #4 or moving back some slots (within top 12) if they want to accrue extra picks and take a dman.

    Cheers. See you on twitter my friend.

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