Here and Gone: The UFA Macho Madness, day one.

2 Randy Savage references in the post title. I rule.


the cream of the crop!

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. Let’s get the Goodbyes out of the way first so we can end on a high note.


P.A. Parenteau 4yrs / 4m Per, Colorado Avalanche:

Pap was a good Isle, good teammate. Great story. I wish him well. The Cap hit I could care less about, but the term, the term leaves me uncomfortable. His production will suffer as Duchene is clearly inferior to Tavares.


Dylan Reese, Vet Minimum, Pitt: Good for Reeser, Kid goes to his hometown team. Depth signing, no big loss, good luck, D-reese.

Mike Haley, Vet Minimum, NYR: Ouch. Not that losing thew player hurts, but him going to NYR smarts. Ouch. We replaced his “skills” though.


Eric Boulton : Lessens the Haley sting, better hockey player.

Brad Boyes: 1m in the can to throw him top 6 minutes and see if he can revive himself. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

Matt Carkner: Nailed this one, years and term to a T. Love it. Bottom pair D with mean disposition and propensity to crack NYR skulls.


On to Day 2!



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