Hey Isles fans! F**k you.

Its Friday the 13th and there’s a demonic haze in the sky over Isles country. Don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, for there’s a bad moon on the rise.

Just strap your helmet on, duck into your foxhole and don’t peep your beady little eyes out into no mans land tonight, Im not in the freaking mood.

I don’t know if it was ANOTHER Mangano-Jacobs pissing match killing another Arena idea before it even dried on the paper it was printed on or Arthur Staple’s “This is your opening night lineup” dreadful news or “Wow, I really hope it was us that went all in on Shane Doan” only to be piled on be Isles Diehards… but im pissed. I’m supremely pissed off. I’m in the mood for a fight.

So lets get at it.

This team sucks. I don’t care if that hurts your feelings. I don’t care if that bothers you. Stop telling me about how special this core is.






Those are our finishes in the NHL the last 5 years. Very freaking special.  So special, NO TEAM IN THE LOCKOUT ERA has done it. We stand alone. Congrats, Charles, you penny-pinching criminal. Yet the fans give him excuse after excuse! The Building! The Rebuilding! The Off-ice uncertainty. HE IS THE OFF ICE UNCERTAINTY.

This fanbase insists every UFA isn’t worth it. That’s because this fanbase isn’t very smart. 100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in. TAKE SOME FREAKING SHOTS. Don’t insist on growth and promoting from within! Demand better! STOP GOING TO GAMES. STOP IT. STOP SUPPORTING A LUNATIC. Stop giving him an excuse to say “To Hell with it, let them eat draft picks.”

I became An Islander fan in 2000, when we sucked. It is now 2012, we still suck. In the interim, I’ve seen 7 playoff wins. Not series…. GAMES. 7 playoff games. Never even a second round appearance.

And to some this rebuild is fine. Some are perfectly content with a payroll that circumvents the cap floor in a division with 4 cap ceiling perennial powerhouse teams. Why? Because this fanbase has been cowed into submission AND IT MAKES ME SICK.

They’ve accepted mediocrity. Worse, they’ve embraced failure. This fanbase has NO fight left in them.

They fall around the ground defending Wang as a savior, when he is the worst owner in the big 4 North American Sports at the moment. The man is a fraud.

“Think of the longterm implications” of overspending on players to get this team back to the playoffs? I have. There are no implications beyond 2015. Why? Because there is no guarantee we exist in 2016. If we continue to be an AWFUL organization, we will not. So go in, WIN NOW. Overpay. Your core, with 2 notable acceptions (47 and The Hammer) are all locked up. Bring in a win now player. The time is right now… and time is very much fleeting.

“what about lockerroom chemistry?”TO HELL WITH THIS LOCKERROOM and it’s chemistry. This lockerroom has the chemistry to fold like a tent in the face of adversity. Mark Eaton gets boarded HEAD HIGH by Volchenkov. Nobody does anything. Al Montoya gets knocked out by Evander Kane. Nobody says boo. Frans Nielsen gets TAKEN OUT on a dirty hit by Marian Gaborik, nobody gets a piece. Some chemistry. The team loses game after game, nobody takes it upon themselves to stop the slide that spirals out of control AND KILLS THE SEASON BEFORE THANKSGIVING.

Some Chemistry. Some heart.

Stop telling me how SPECIAL the guys in that room are, and start SHOWING me.

Demand better, Islander country, stop embracing failure.


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