Opening Night Postgame: The Nexus. NJD 2 NYI 1.

Okay. Good Bad Ugly.

Okie WAS NOT ready to go. Finley is Terribad.

That first period hurt my eyes.

Let me wish a speedy recovery to awful coach cappy.

No depth at all. Two line team.

Marty is still a beast. Martinek and Hickey being scratched was dumb. So was Zeke being benched for god awful Reasoner.

Kovy took this game over at Reasoner’s expense.

Good Things?

Tavares is fucking superman (and wade barrett, more on that later).

Hamonic is a murderbeast. Jesus. He’s going to be fucking Roman Hamrlik.

Grabs and Frans still got it.

Nabby could win a dang All Star Spot.

I cant get over Hamonic. Jesus H Christmas.

Powerplay was humming. PK Too. Much better than last year.

Always good to see @KathyGC.

Um, yeah. So, that pre game video.

This was the song they used:

my hockey team and one of my fave wrestling stables. YES YES YES.

this will set up a year of Islanders Nexus photoshops. #WeAreOne

Last note: When Hamonic tied it, the barn was playoff loud. felt good to hear that again. I miss that.


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