MLK Matinee GAMEDAY Preview: 119 Home Games Til Brooklyn TBL @NYI (Kids Day)

“Why aren’t you at the game Vin?” Because it’s freaking kids days. And that’s annoying. Because children are annoying. And I can’t curse around them, which Islanders hockey makes me do about 45 times a game.

We are still sitting Martinek and Hickey for some bizarre reason. Boulton may dress over Zeeker to complete the lineup fail.

Keys to shutting down the Bolts:

1. Institute a height requirement to get on the ice. That goddamn midget St. Louis kills us.

2. Trade for Vinny Lecavalier during the first intermission. Offer them DP. Seems fair.

3. Take it to their soft defense, and obstruct the breakout passes with active sticks in passing lanes.

4,  Short shifts. They are deeper than us, dont get caught out there too long.

Keys to Long Island lighting the lamp:

1. Secondary scoring. This includes benching Eric Michael Boulton.

2. Keep that powerplay humming, It was cooking with gas Saturday.

3. Get traffic in front of the Swede. He’s a big boy, so lateral movement will not be his problem. Euro goalies aren’t usually used to bumping and running in the crease. Let him know we are there.

4. Shot volume. 10 shots through 40 minutes last game ain’t gonna cut it against a team with this much firepower.

5. Tavares still drives the bus. Hope he gets overtime for carrying all these passengers.

catch you guys on the flipside. I’ll be live tweeting @RoseTintedVisor


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