Recap: Isles rally behind opening faceoff thunder, overcome 3rd period storm, weather Lightning. NYI 4 TBL 3

Ah. Kids day at Nassau Coliseum. The Avengers were on hand to protect the children and offer John Tavares membership.

Due to the presence of little brats, I was home, enjoying the game in HD.

Joe Finley did a dance at the opening puck drop, as did Matt Martin. That was the lasrt positive impact Finley had. Not so for Marts.

Frenetic first period with the Isles dominating but unable to hit the twine.

Scoring opened in the second when the Captain capitalized on a powerplay line change and hit Grabner in stride on the tape from 140 feet away. Gremlin did the rest.

Following that up, it was 2-0 forces of good when the leader of the Nexus, JT91 hit Matt Martin in stride as 17 was sprang from the box. Shortside under the blocker. Love it.

Then a fancy give and go made it 3-0 as the leader of the Nexus unleashed the Okposolypse at the end of 2.

Then, the Isles went all razzle dazzle to open the third as Keith Aucoin and Super Swede Ultra Ullstrom did a little globetrotters on the Bolts, 4-0.

The Isles fold like a cheap tent defense tried really hard to blow the game after goals by THAT FREAKING MIDGET, Stammer, and some other guy but Nabby held the fort after a well timed Cappy timeout. There’s something I’ll never type again.


No Matinee flat start. Fisticuffs provided an initial spark and the Isles kept rolling.

Zone coverage was awful in the third.

The breakout passes were awesome and the team speed throughout the lineup is evident.

Ullstrom, Nielsen, and obviously Grabs can all fly. JT91, Okie and Matty Marts have all turned their skating from a hindrance to above average. 

Strait has impressed the hell out of me, as has Aucoin. I like Carkner’s edge, but Finley needs to find the skybox and take Reasoner with him.McDonald will hit the bricks once JJ or Bails is ready, IMO.

I hope Isles country is ready for the TML Thursday and a potential DP start in Boston.

Congrats to Vinny Lecavalier on 1000 NHL games. Per Isles Statistician extraordinaire Eric Hornick, He’s the 6th Number 1 pick to reach 1000 games played for the team that draft him.

#5 in the rafters at nassau was another one.  



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