Game 3 RECAP: NYI 7 (Thats SEVEN) TML 4 PS: Phaneuf has no cajones

Let’s break this thing down…. right.

Thank God the Argos brought Toronto a championship. The Leafs don’t appear ready to any time soon. Maybe Jays? Nah, My Bravos owe em one.

I digress. The game was a microcosm of so many Leafs seasons gone by. Faat start aided by an opponent that appeared disinterested and drunk. Then their powerplay failed them (5 on 3 even!) to finish the period. That aside, Leafs fans were all over the interwebs waiting to pile on the Isles.

Goals: Some Toranna garbage… Gunner Son? And the Kadri kid they wish was Tavares. Think Grabo had the third one. Mouls from JT was the lone Long Island tally. First period was brutal. but near the end, you had to wonder if the Leafs failure to bring the hammer down would be their undoing. Spoiler: Yes.

2nd Period. It’s the New York Islanders Powerplay brought to you BY MARK STREIT ACTIVATING IN THE SLOT ALL OVER YOUR PASSIVE BOX FACE, PENALTY KILL. Nice feed by Leaf Killer and Nexus Leader JT91 and Boyes 2 Men. Next up The Grabby Man Can… find the great Dane. The Frans to Boyes 2 Men and we are tied. They are tired. This game is ripe for the taking after 40. 

Third Period? leafs looked like they played last night. Isles were relentless.

THE GRABBY MAN CAN from the Great Dane and Boyes 2 Men. We shall call this in honor of Doom, the BFG line. B(oyes) F(rans) G(rabner) or Big f*cking gun if you are scoring at home. PPS: They weren’t done. The Isles had their first lead and they were locked and loaded.

Aucoin with a seeing eye laser on Schrivens and he took a seat on the pine pony.

Phaneuf ran Tavares late with a board. I will state this exactly as happened: Okposo (There’s a history there) chased him, Carknere stepped up, and Phaneuf flipped the puck away to defend(?) himself from the repercussions of his cowardly and dangerous hit. Moulson said “thank you, balless wonder” and roofed it. Rout on. Carkner MMA mounted Phaneuf and the valiant(?) leafs captain turtled. Nice leader. 

Phaneuf would turn it over again after a meaningless Leafs goal (Frattin I think?) made it 6-4. This turnover was cashed in by the BFG line. Grabner, again. Capuano then sent Zeeker over the boards between Finley and Carkner in a “I’ll be your huckleberry” moment. Already emasculated, The Leafs folded. Shocker.

Hammer was gassed tonight. Too many minutes, especially with Boston tomo night.

Finley is a liability defensively, but he is an angry man with large hands. Carkner is just ANGRY.

Keith Aucoin is a godsend, visible both ways. The Big Line is heating up and the newly christened BFG is on fire. 


if only DP wasn’t starting tomorrow.


In honor of the newly christened BFG Line, Tonights post game song is from the Space Jam Soundtrack: “Hit Em High”:


Dion Phaneuf is not a man.


As always, you’re welcome.



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