Top Shelf Atlantic Epic at The Rock: NYI 5 NJD 4 (OT). Holla at your Boyes.

Scoring recap from the men of Long Island:

First Period Tavares Time. From the Dane and Boyes to Men.

Second Period strike from Waiver Wire God Keith Aucoin via THE HAMMER after a scrumptious turnover from UNCLE DADDY. Devils get two quick ones back from Marty reasoner being awful.

Tavares punks Bryce Salvador and Uncle Daddy. 91 es en fuego. Devils equalize REEALL fast. Reasoner again?

End of 2: 3 up.

Third period. EL CAPITAN Off the screen from WAIVER WIRE GOD.

Fucking HEN-RIQUE equalizes. Cappy get a shiner on the bench.

Isles Kill goes 5 for 5 off a big one point to end regulation. 

 The Isles powerplay decided it was time to get on the last train home. Boyes rattled Uncle Daddy behind the cage. Tavares picked up the mail, To the Great Dane, to your Boyes.

Game Over. The Islanders look up at NOBODY in the Atlantic. Amazing roadtrip. Isles PK HUMBLING teams and the Powerplay is bringing the friggin hammer.

The catalyst is simple: The Great Dane, 51 Frans Nielsen. He mans the point opposite the captain on PP1, and his passing vision keeps the slot forward from collapsing to anyone, effectively trapping him in no mans land. It basically becomes a 5 on 3.5. Then, 91 has space. And when he has the triple threat option of net drive, dish, or fire on twine, you’re already aced.

On the PK1, It’s the Dane up front with the Grabby man can. The problem for teams is our top PK killing forwards represent certain death if you turn it over. That keeps the D high and doesn’t allow them to activate deep into the zone. D each pick up a forward in tight, only the OUTSIDE opposing winger will have any space.


All that and he’s the NHL’s all time unquestioned Shootout King.

7 more games like these first 7 and we start getting giddy.



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