My Race Calendar for the remainder of 2013.

So, this past weekend was my first 5k. I took off and blow myself up SPECTACULARLY.

That was undesirable. I will endeavor not to do that again. Lesson learned.

Here’s the list of 5Ks I’m running through November with an eye on switching to 10Ks in 2014.

June 29th: Brooklyn (Coney Island) Take Your Base  5K – 47:47

July 13th: Brooklyn (Prospect): MLB AllStar 5k: 47:33 

August 4th: Brooklyn ( Brooklyn Bridge)

September 14th: Brooklyn (Coney Island)

October 6th: New Jersey (Sandy Hook)

November 23rd: Queens (Flushing Meadows Crotona Park)

As my birthday gift to myself we are totally going to Mama’s of Corona afterwards for that one. 

December 31st: NYE 5k In Prospect (Will add link when its up). I may add some other stuff here and there. 







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