8/27/13: life of Vinny and Race Schedule Update

Been biking a shit ton. Biked 20.69 miles Sunday. Feel good if a little sore. I love my bike. Working on the thesis. I need a beer. Had Oktoberfest from Sam adams. Not bad. I get back to writing hockey this week (AND PLAYING SOFTBALL!) Can’t Wait. p>

June 29th: Brooklyn (Coney Island) Take Your Base 5K – 47:47

July 13th: Brooklyn (Prospect): MLB AllStar 5k: 47:33

August 4th: Brooklyn ( Brooklyn Bridge): 43:40

September 14th: Brooklyn (Coney Island) https://nycruns.com/races/?race=the-great-irish-fair-5k-2013

October 12th: Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett) http://rocrace.com/nyc/

November 28th: Prospect Park Turkey Trot! https://nycruns.com/races/?race=prospect-park-track-club-5m-turkey-trot 5 Millleess I’m gonna celebrated my 30th birthday by dyyyiinnggg.

December 31st I’ll be back in prospect for the NYE Run. Cause I’m nuts and I love everybody. And me. I love me some me.


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