Random Workout Musings

Yesterday was my rest day. Wrapped around it I’ve biked 22 miles between Sunday and Today.  Brooklyn is a wonderful place to bike. Had my first faceplant on the plum beach bike course, SAND EVERYWHERE IN MY SHIT. 🙂 I feel good. I should do more core stuff. It takes about ten minutes a day for an OK core workout. 

Other stuff: Graduation with my History Masters is February 1st! YAY SCHOOL ENDING. Maybe one day I’ll get my history Doctorate, where a bitching hat, carry a bullwhip and get named after a state. 

Now on to the workout musings:


  • I have a 5k coming up in 10 days, YAY.
  • Is that smell me after this workout? God I hope not.
  • Am I the only one who still lets out a DMX style Dog Bark when I’m really trying to give it a self-motivating push to close out part of a workout? Y/N/Maybe?
  • Midnight Shopping List: Pop Tarts (CINNY-MON!), 2% Milk, Greek Yogurts, Vitamin Waters.
  • Look, I don’t mind if you pass me. There are several factors, me being fat, you being a more experienced biker, you having a a racing bike, all these things. I don’t mind. But the competitor in me CANNOT allow you to revel in it if you do. Just pass me. Don’t be excited by it.  Because if you are… If you smirk or something…
  • … I will pass you again, I will make it my mission, I will DESTROY MYSELF to do it. I will enjoy it. I will afford you a long intimate view of my hindquarters and tail light as I leave you in my wake.
  • As I pass you after you showboated, I may in fact belt out a Hunt for the Red October quote. It’s your fault, you did this to yourself. “Once more, we play the deadly game.”

Hope you enjoyed that kids. Be good.








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