Self-Journey & Race Schedule Update: 9/26/13

The Great Irish Fair 5K was spiritual for me. I returned to the scene of my first 5k less  than 3 months later, and in the interim have shaved 5 minutes off my 5k time. I feel stronger, younger, and look healthier. My diet, though still abhorrent, has less red meat. I’m currently limiting myself to two servings a week. I plan to put revising my thesis behind me over the next 30 days, and continue on this journey of self as my Masters studies conclude. I endeavor to have a sub 35 minute 5K in me by the end of the year. That would mean a reduction of ten minutes in my time from where I began. That’s the goal, and I’m almost  halfway there.

I’ve begun doing more core work regularly, mixing in arms and a bike ride as I can to pound the legs but give the feet a break.


June 29th: Brooklyn (Coney Island) Take Your Base 5K – 47:47

July 13th: Brooklyn (Prospect): MLB AllStar 5k: 47:33

August 4th: Brooklyn ( Brooklyn Bridge): 43:40

September 14th: Brooklyn (Coney Island) Great Irish Fair 5K: 42:56

October 12th: Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett)

November 28th: Prospect Park Turkey Trot! This race has my attention. It’s a 5 miler. My longest race ever, to get me ready for the 10K distance (6.2m).  

December 15th: This is the one. My first 10K.

December 31st I’ll be back in prospect (Or Central?) for the NYE 5K Run. Cause I’m nuts and I love everybody.


This is a fun journey so far. I pitch tomorrow afternoon with the opportunity to notch a spot in our championship game. We have won 3 exhilarating 1 run games in the span of a week to get here. Personally, I think we can do it.

I started running to get better at softball and hockey. Now I run to get better at running.


Catch you on the flipside,


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