the year that was and the year that will be

So much happened this year.

So much.

2012 was a terrible year for me, and 2013 was so much better.

2012 felt like a never ending winter of heartache.

2013 saw many things. I basically bottomed out from where I was in 2012.

In 2012 I had begun playing hockey again, but with the physical limitations I had experienced from being out of shape imparing me, it was very frustrating.

In early 2013, I suffered a tear of a muscle in my back sitting in a chair. That was the moment I literally could go no lower from. There was self realization, and sadness. And anger.

And then a magical thing happened. I began to fight back against the apathy that had lead me to my current state. I began to ride my bike regularly. I began to run regularly. These activities were undertaken originally to get me in shape for softball.

Biking is very seasonal, but you can run in just about any weather. To date, I’ve postponed a grandtotal of one run due to weather, and that was just a deluge.

I got more serious about my running, but not SERIOUS! as SERIOUS! is against my nature.

I suck at this, but I’m getting better. I successfully undertook 4 5k (3.1mile) races, a 5miler, and a 10K. I also had a 5k funrun obstacle course and end the year with a 5k tonight.

Yay. In two weeks, I transition to serious distance, with my fiorst ten miler.

Softball wise, it was my first season in several years. And it went very well. We came within 1 run of playing for a championship and I finished at around .450 at the plate and led the team in walks.

Additionally, we got to do some cool things done that I’d never thought I’d be a part of in sport. We won a playoff game which was wrought with drama and plays by unlikely heroes. We nailed a triple play. I partook in two double plays from the mound (One unassisted!). And I had a three pitch inning, which is an accomplishment I can match, but never actually exceed. That was pretty damn awesome.

I have few running goals in 2014, but these are general fitness /activity goals.

  • Build Core Strength.
  • Eat healthier
  • Finish my first two half marathons, time be damned.
  • Resume biking once the weather permits.
  • Add arm strength.
  • Improve my skating (especially backwards)
  • Manage to hop over the boards without looking like an idiot.
  • Get in shape enough to reasonably tackle a Tough Mudder
  • Attain softball batting line of .500/10 XB hits/20 Walks
  • And oh yeah: Win A Championship. We were close last year. Close dont cut it this year.

Additionally, I’d like to build on my control while pitching. I think about that all the time. I hope to find a better mental focus point on the mound and use that to relax my arm. I pitched my ass off down the stretch, and part of that was due to better mental preperation.

I said earlier I don’t take anything seriously. That’s a lie. I take softball very seriously. Probably because I get to do it with my friends, and friendship is absurdly important to me. I’m weird. I digress.

Anyhow, the highlight of the year was turningt on the jets and nailing it on the day after I turned 30 for that 5 miler. I felt amazing. I didn’t feel as amazing during the six miler the next month, because as mentioned earlier, I am a frame of mind person. I’m pretty neurotic. Everything went warm in warm ups and snow balled throughout the race, and the downward spiral took a lot of my mental focus and wind from my sais.. I just was never IN IT until the end when it was gutcheck to the finish time. Bad races happen, but it was very important to me to finish. And I did. Onward and upward.

I’m working on remedying my back situation. I’ve begun seeing a chiropractor and Am getting my first adjustment on the 7th. New bed has helped a lot too.

Last thing I need to do in 2014 is finish my thesis. Sigh.

The Beat Goes On…

Otherwise, I’m tremendously pleased with what I’ve done this year and more excited for next year. How about you? favorite highlight of your year?















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