The journey takes another step. 13.1 miles worth.

My thoughts are a blur.

There’s a funny thing about running a race. You are up before the sun and done before lunch. As I was driving home, I was reflecting on my race. There were things I need to improve. There were things that went great!

I’m so happy with my result. Firstly, thanks Kathy and Bonnie for pit crewing and getting me threw the race. Also thank Dog for tremendous weather. Well done, Yogi. Way to call in a favor with the big pooch upstairs.

Felt good waking up. Pounded a cliff bar and got some raisins. Got out there, warmed up like shit like I always do.


Any time they say ‘this race will positively start on time’… that’s a lie. Once we got rolling because I cant do math? I came out flying. I thought I needed a sub 13m average mile to get under my 3 hour target. I, in short, am an idiot. 12:47, 12:43, 12:56, 12:43, 13:01, 13:24, 12:45. Then the struggle became very real.  13:37. Damage control with 13:20. Then I laid a turd for mile on 11, at 13:48 and almost the same mile at 13:49. Mile 12 was death by the way, at 14:48.

 There were several takeaways! DON’T HAVE A TEN MILE RACE 5 weeks before a half. Space it more, train harder in between.  But that training would’ve been aided by not re-tearing my plantar fasciitis and ya know, the flu, but I survived. I need to hydrate better. I need to keep my sugar up.

8 months ago I began this odyssey to get in better shape for softball and hockey. I began it with one of the worst recorded 5ks in the history of man. 8 months later? My race distance is 10 miles longer and my average mile is 2 minutes quicker. Believe in yourself. Through some hard work, and sage wisdom from experienced friends, anything is possible.


now to recover, reflect and learn. Then i improve.

Additionally, I joined planet fitness and have been really enjoying kicking my own ass. I’ve also begun core training with the Karl Gotch bible. Expect a post on Gotch Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks for reading.  


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