the week in sportsball: once you go gay…

Big week in the world of sports ball.


Michael Sam said it best at the combine: “ I don’t want to be a trailblazer. I want to be Michael Sam.”  And then Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock delivered a sermon from mount truth: “This is no longer an issue. Get it out of your system and let this kid play football.” “He should be moved UP the board for the way he handled this.” “Any organization that red flags him should be ashamed.”


Spot on analysis and poised delivery from Sam. Hope a team that plans to properly utilize him drafts him (and not the goddamn Jets).


Some quick Olympic observations: USA Men’s hockey turned in an embarrassing medal round. The Women gave it everything they had and had NOTHING to be ashamed of. GREAT effort. Glad US dominated the medal count (other than Russia). Great display of class out of the Russians turning off the scoreboard every time their hockey team lost.   By the way: the run away stars of the Olympics were the duo of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Amazing.


The Dolphins bullying scandal has claimed it’s last pounds of flesh (barring hammer falling on Pouncey). Thank god. Clean that mess up and restore some respect to our broken house.

The Braves locked up Simmons, the Best SS in baseball, Craig Kimbrel, the games best closer, MVP candidate Freddie Freeman and Julio Teheran long term. 2 year deal to oft injured Heyward too. Good if mostly quiet offseason, other than the new stadium bombshell, which enabled the spending spree we just discussed. Now go get it!

Islanders will limp to the finish without JT (who got a well deserved gold medal), Frans Nielsen for the time being, and A-Mac and Vanek who will soon be traded.  Oh well. Time to load up and have the best offseason since I became a fan. That’s the expectation.


By the way, Jason Collins is about to take the court and become the first openly gay male athlete in the big 4 US Sports. NBD right? Of course it’s the Brooklyn team breaking down barriers. Somewhere, Jackie Robinson is smiling.


Anyway, SHIELD vs WYATTS then Elimination Chamber with Nets game on the small screen. NHL Olympic trade freeze lifts in 3 hours. Expect action. I’m out. Catch ya later.   


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