3 favorite quotes

I’m going to give you 3 of my favorite quotes, and only one of them is from a comic book. I’m as surprised as you.

“Every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile.”

-Judge Tom C. Clark

“I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don’t believe I deserved my friends.”

– Walt Whitman

“They made a fool of me, Balder. They laughed at me. Everybody laughs at Skurge. Hela, Mordonna, even the Enchantress I love. They all laugh at me. Except You, Balder is too kind to laugh at Skurge. But when they laugh, I hurt inside. Maybe even I die a little. Now I think I am dead already. “

– Skurge, in Thor 362, as he decides to make his stand at Gjallerbru.




BST Hosts Utica in second annual YOU CAN PLAY day this sunday 1pm

Look at it this way, what are you doing this sunday that’s more important than supporting a great cause?

You Can…. join the hockey bloggerati and the LGBT community in Bridgeport as your RED HOT (12 of last 14!) Bridgeport SoundTigers host the Utica Comets this Sunday (1PM Puckdrop) for the second annual YOU CAN PLAY night (or afternoon in this case).

Here’s the YCP website if you are somehow familiar with me and my blogging adventures but not with them(?): http://youcanplayproject.org/ 

Festivities will kick off at noon with a q&a panel. Be there.

You can watch future Islanders before they learn to get injured and blow 3rd period leads!

You can watch future Vancouver Canucks learn how to dive… that’s a RIOT!

You can support a great cause. And you should.

Because… If You Can Play, You Can Play!

Support YCP and LET’S GO TIGERS!