the 2015 race calendar!

So, I’ll have a post up on my thoughts on my first marathon tonight, but this is easier so here!

My 2014 closes with a 5m turkey trot on Turkey day and a 5k on NYE because I LOVE HOLIDAY RACES.

Here’s what I have for 2015!

1/24 Brrr-ooklyn Half
2/22 Central Park Half
3/15 NYC Half
4/15ish CPF Run For Parks
5/3 LI Half
5/15ish Brooklyn Half
6/22ish Qns 10k
6/28ish FRNY Pride Run
6/29ish Take Your Base 5k
8/15ish Keith Ferguson 5k
9/28ish Bronx 10miler

That’s a LOT of Halfs… and I finish the 5 borough series, so 😀  October will be another half for fun.

November will be the Marathon, but will it be Chicago… New York… or ELSEWHERE?



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